BO, the First Dog on His First Painting!


He is an instant celebrity after being introduce to the public by the first family. Bo is the Obama family’s dog. And he’s been living in the White House since 2009 of April when Senator Ted Kennedy and wife gave him to the Obama family as a gift. Let me introduce you to Bo with his first ever painting created in 2009 by animal artist, Rachael Rossman.

Bo Obama, The First Dog

Bo Obama Painting, The First Dog


Painting made for The first dog

Another Painting Made For The First Dog

– Bo considers Obama’s lawn as his playground.
– Bo loves napping near with Obama’s daughter.
– Bo loves to eat tomatoes.
– Bo is a Portugese Water dog but he doesn’t know how to swim.
– Bo is now a celebrity, who’s also having a busy schedule and public appearances.


In an interview with Michelle Obama in David Letterman show, she told that Bo is an official part of the family. “He is my son,” it’s how the First Lady introduced Bo when asked about their first dog. “I have three children, two girls and a boy,” Michelle continued. Undeniably, Bo has a special part in Obama family’s life. Only good words from the First Lady pertaining to Bo. And she laughed when sharing how busy Bo can get with her schedules and appearances. It seems that he is not just an official member of the family but also an official celebrity making a name in the industry as well. Because of Bo’s busy appearances, the first family is thinking of giving Bo his own agent.

Bo Obama In Action

Bo’s Best Moments With The Obama.

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