Top 5 Celebrity Art Collectors

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera Art Collections

Some of her collections include a $44,000 estimated price for a prints by Banksy. She also began collecting the work of London-based artist D*Face, which real name is Dean Stockton. Her husband, Jordan influenced her to love the works of D*Face and according to the Pop singer, you can’t help but admire his works. The artist is a real talent. In fact, many of D*Face collections were displayed in their home.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Beyonce and Jay-Z

These two are unstoppable when it comes to their performance on stage. But you will be surprise knowing that they’re also unstoppable when it comes to collecting arts as well. It was Beyonce who really loves to collect arts and eventually influenced her husband to start collecting too. In fact, Knowles is a painter herself. If she’s not busy being a Mom to her new child and a passionate wife to Jay-Z, she grabs a brush and paint! Since Jay-Z began to appreciate arts, the couple is inseparable visiting art museums and art auctions to bid and get real expensive art masterpiece for their own collections. So far, the two have invested for two respected artists in their own right, Damien Hirst and Richard Prince.

Beyonce's Painting

A painting made by Beyonce Knowles.

Victoria and David Beckham

Victoria and David Beckham

Victoria and husband David Beckham prove that when it comes to expensive things, they exactly know what to get for themselves and their three sons. The couple is known for their tremendous love for fashion and wear if not the most costly item in the store, it’s surely an exclusive fashion wardrobe made only for them. But this two has a heart for arts as well. David admitted that both of them loves to collect arts. In fact, the A.C. Milan footballer gave her wife a butterfly paintings made by one of the most well-known artists today, Damien Hirst. It was reported that David paid six figures for the painting just to make her wife happy on her birthday. It was displayed in their house in England together with other original works from famous artist which indeed has great value.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Art Collection

Behind Jennifer Aniston is the $450,000 painting she made a bid during “Artists for Haiti” auction even in NYC.

Jennifer Aniston is looking blooming everyday especially now that the former “Friend” star announces her engagement with boyfriend, Justin Theroux. Everything is getting into place for Jennifer Aniston. But don’t you know that the actress is a painter herself as well? At the age of 11, she already exhibited her painting in Metropolitan Museum of Art. She also collect fine masterpieces from well-known artists and painters. Some of her collections include a $1.2 million Robert Motherwell painting which she flaunted in a magazine cover for Architectural Digests February issue. She got it from Christie’s Auction last 2008.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire Art Collection

Everybody is screaming about him especially when he captured the hearts of many when he became a web-slinging Spiderman. But off-screen, he maintained a secret identity as an art collector. Who would have thought that this gorgeous and phenomenal Spiderman hero has a great love and passion for arts as well? Yes, in fact she himself visited art studios like Armory Show and Art Basel Miami Beach and some art auctions to bid for great masterpieces and artworks. He bid for Mark Rylen surreal paintings during MoCA’s annual FRESH silent auction fundraiser and successfully got it. In 2007, onscreen Peter Parker bought a painting from Kaz Oshiro, who is a Japanese painter.


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