Jennifer Aniston, from Acting to Collecting Arts

Jennifer Aniston PaintingJennifer Aniston is one of the most talented and beautiful actress in the industry. Her life is like an open book, from her acting career which she gains tremendous popularity to her own love life. At some time, she’s been the talk of the town, made celebrity news headlines especially when she became engage to actor, Brad Pitt and then tied the knot with him. She’s a picture of a happy and contented woman not until the news about Pitt and Angelina Jolie came out. Aniston, considered it as the dark path of her life. But along the way, she found herself again and strongly surpass what life has given her as a challenge. As she regained herself, she battled for it and stood up. Right now, the former “Friend” star is continuously giving her audience and fans an effective acting role. Being passionate with her craft as an actress, undeniably, she is now one of in-demand actress in Hollywood today.

For Aniston, arts will always be part of her life. Her acting career is one she considers an art, that’s why she never forget to value, appreciate and gives justice to it. After all, this kind of career made what she is right now. But don’t you know that Jennifer Aniston is also in love with visual arts like paintings? Back in 2010, Aniston showed off her art collections in one of the leading magazine in the country called Architectural Digest. She grace as the cover of the magazine, showing her impressive art work collections, shared updates about her personal life, career, and proudly flaunt her new home. Aniston shared that at the age of 11, she started to discover her talent in painting. Though she can’t considers herself as a real professional, she’s glad to have this talent which she quoted, “an expression of oneself”. She has her own painting during her childhood and in fact, some of it are exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. It surely came a surprise to everybody, but yes, it’s really true that this phenomenal actress can actually paint and can proudly showed off her own painting in some museum art.

Facts about Two of the Most Costly Paintings Aniston’s Purchased for her Collections

  • In a magazine Architectural Digest which she became the cover, behind her, you can see an oil painting canvas of black, red, blue and orange combination. It’s called ‘Robert Motherwell’s Throw of Dice No. 17’, made in the year 1963. Aniston got it from Christie’s New York and it was reportedly cost her 1.2 million high estimate.

    The cover image of Jennifer Aniston for Architectural Digest

  • In New York City, with her new boyfriend, Justin Theroux, Aniston made it into Christie’s “Artists for Haiti” auction and became the winning buyer for American artist Glenn Ligon’s “Stranger #44”, an abstract art made of oil, charcoal and graphite on canvas. Reportedly, it was Theroux who made the bid while Aniston busy clapping her hands in one of the rooms and the love of her life won the bid on her behalf. This painting cost her $450,000, an Artists for Haiti representative confirmed about it.
    Jennifer Aniston's 1 million worth painting

    $450,000 painting cost won by Jennifer Aniston during the “Artists for Haiti” auction event in New York City.



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